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What Readers Are Saying...

Readers have fallen for Lizzie Millet and her story.

Exemplifies the Spirit of Small Village Maine

Tom Buckley

Milton, MA


Bob exemplifies the spirit of small village Maine in his writing. A great storyteller of how life used to be. Just when you thought you knew about Maine, Bob has found another intriguing twist.

Robert is a master of historical fiction.

Bruce Robert Coffin

Author, Detective Byron Mysteries

Praise for Prospects

Bill Bushnell

Mining for gemstones and minerals began in Maine 200 years ago, driven by dreams of great wealth hidden beneath the earth’s surface. Mining has always been risky, dangerous and economically unpredictable, especially as portrayed in Robert Spencer’s novel “PROSPECTS.”

Spencer lives in Waterford and this is his second novel, following “The Spinster’s Hope Chest.” This is an ambitious, complex novel covering the years 1896-1903, split between the mining history of Oxford County and the Victorian-era, soap-opera dramas of working-class more

Another Beautifully Written Story

Susan Clout, author of The Six Week Road Trip


Spencer has given us another beautifully written story about life in rural Maine in the late 1800s. PROSPECTS takes the reader through the life of a poor Canadian miner hoping to strike it rich in the western hills. It doesn’t take long for the reader to become immersed in the lives of all the quirky characters in Clarence Potter’s life. The author has done a remarkable job setting scenes and writing dialogue that allows his readers to truly understand what life could have been like back then.

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