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Glad you’re here to visit. As you look through my site, if you find anything on which you wish to make a comment, PLEASE DO using the form on the Contact page or leave a review below.


Interacting with readers is important to me. Helps me be a better author.

On this site you will find a lot of information about my writing, other interests, and appearance schedule. You will also be able to purchase my books.

If you have the time, check out the blog. You will find examples of my writing that haven’t yet been included in a published book. "Over The Dam" includes shorter pieces appearing in local publications, memoir essays, poems, as well as occasional excerpts from The Lizzie Millett Series and the next novel. It serves as my personal online publishing site. I look forward to hearing from and entertaining you.

Robert W. Spencer

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An image of author and writer Robert W Spencer

Meet Robert W

Robert lives in southern Oxford County Maine among the foothills of the White Mountains. His three-title Lizzie Millett Series is set in this rural area of rivers, lakes and forests.

His writing brings to life the people and life in small town, rural Maine between the years of 1860 and 1910, a time of wide-spread modernization. While these three titles are well-researched historical fiction, he refers to them as novels about relationships in an historic setting.

For forty years he and his wife lived in a 19th century row house in Charlestown, MA before moving to a Civil War era box factory sitting atop a thirty-foot wide historic split stone dam with its thunderous falls and mill pond. Such a dramatic setting provides inspiration for his writing.

Besides his novels, Spencer has had poems, memoirs and non-fiction essays published in local journals, newsletters and national magazines. Other interests include gardening, hiking, climate change, yoga, meditation and native American studies.


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