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My Coat of Many Colors

(“I create my personal abundance from an infinite source.” Deepak Chopra)

For many years I looked at the maturing process as a winnowing out of the many possible

directions life might take, the many skills that could be learned, talents that might be honed on the path

to selecting “my own way”. Perhaps I could become a singer, farmer, writer, actor, politician, minister,

sculptor, painter, salesman, entrepreneur, teacher, meteorologist, husband, parent or more.

Now at 75 comes the realization that I fill all these roles and more. The way to success,

fulfillment and happiness is a realm of infinite possibilities. Options for abundance are limitless. When a

young man, I saw the image of my life as “Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors”: a wondrous garment made

from bright quilt squares collected at each instance of life’s experience.

In later life that coat was cast aside, seemingly a tattered rag to be left at Good Will. Now, I see

an error on my part. Can I make a new coat, a quilt of more colorful diversity, fashioned with all the new

and colorful squares collected over the years since discarding that coat of my youth? Perhaps I might go

back to Good Will and find the old one... that is, if no brother in the hood is out there showing it off.

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