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Spring Thoughts: A Poem

“A thought is the point of unity between the silence of the earth

and the fire of the mind.”--John O’Donohue

Spring is just a thought away

while still in Winter’s grasp.

It takes but one warm sunny day,

Spring robins in our apple tree at last.

Joy is but a thought away

from weary sadness, long controlling.

Sunrise of this warming day

brings waves of welcome overflowing.

Peace and calm a thought away,

dark dread can't hold us fast.

Hopefulness must be delayed,

but winter coldness can not last.

Love is just a thought away,

in our hearts it hovers

stays our fears inside its sway

heals all wounds that mankind suffers.

Spirit fills my thoughts today,

embracing notions of success.

Robin on the budding branch

preens itself in bright sunrays.

If I think beyond dark life,

then slip outside my veils,

I’ll see that God is standing there

just a thought away.

Robert W. Spencer

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